FYB-SG Bid S$5560.00/ Ask S$5798.99
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S$5560.00 0.18000000BTC
S$5553.33 0.33000000BTC
S$5550.01 0.10000000BTC
S$5550.00 0.07000000BTC
S$5540.00 0.80000000BTC
S$5532.00 0.10000000BTC
S$5520.00 0.31159400BTC
S$5500.00 0.41818100BTC
S$5450.00 3.33259615BTC
S$5410.00 0.88100000BTC
S$5400.00 1.18866135BTC
S$5370.00 0.10000000BTC
S$5350.00 0.10000000BTC
S$5302.00 1.00301000BTC
S$5300.00 0.20000000BTC
S$5223.00 0.00500000BTC
S$5222.00 2.00000000BTC
S$5202.00 1.00301000BTC
S$5200.00 0.43000000BTC
S$5150.00 0.01900000BTC
S$5102.00 1.00301000BTC
S$5090.00 0.58000000BTC
S$5002.00 1.00301000BTC
S$5000.00 0.29500000BTC
S$4902.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4802.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4800.00 0.12500000BTC
S$4702.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4700.00 0.40000000BTC
S$4602.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4550.00 0.10000000BTC
S$4502.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4500.00 0.10000000BTC
S$4402.00 1.00301000BTC
S$4400.00 0.34300000BTC
S$4375.00 0.10194500BTC
S$4112.00 1.13588610BTC
S$4100.00 0.20000000BTC
S$4000.00 0.05000000BTC
S$3800.00 0.08000000BTC
S$3750.00 0.05000000BTC
S$3625.00 0.03540000BTC
S$3502.00 0.34418332BTC
S$3501.00 0.45000000BTC
S$3500.00 2.35397714BTC
S$3301.00 0.00318000BTC
S$3300.00 0.01515151BTC
S$3250.00 0.15000000BTC
S$3200.00 0.31250000BTC
S$3000.00 2.03600000BTC
S$2831.00 0.70600000BTC
S$2700.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2650.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2600.00 0.54906444BTC
S$2551.16 0.12000000BTC
S$2500.00 2.02632600BTC
S$2400.00 2.00000000BTC
S$2251.16 0.18000000BTC
S$2200.00 1.81000000BTC
S$2062.40 0.50301811BTC
S$2051.16 0.24000000BTC
S$2000.00 2.72900000BTC
S$1897.26 0.50301811BTC
S$1851.16 0.26000000BTC
S$1823.15 0.50301811BTC
S$1752.90 0.50301811BTC
S$1683.49 0.50301811BTC
S$1617.38 0.50301811BTC
S$1543.56 0.50301811BTC
S$1500.00 2.50000000BTC
S$1470.41 0.50301811BTC
S$1408.71 0.50301811BTC
S$1339.10 0.50301811BTC
S$1296.49 1.00000000BTC
S$1265.45 0.50301811BTC
S$1208.00 0.16580000BTC
S$1196.67 0.50301811BTC
S$1129.33 0.50301811BTC
S$1052.63 0.50301811BTC
S$1000.00 2.50000000BTC
S$985.53 0.50301811BTC
S$910.03 0.50301811BTC
S$848.22 0.50301811BTC
S$835.00 0.94399266BTC
S$770.00 0.01105194BTC
S$703.53 1.00000000BTC
S$600.00 1.00000000BTC
S$550.00 0.02575500BTC
S$540.00 0.00316000BTC
S$440.01 2.50000000BTC
S$309.99 1.00000000BTC
S$300.00 0.02352000BTC
S$250.00 4.80000000BTC
S$248.00 0.28800000BTC
S$170.00 19.64500000BTC
S$160.00 0.25000000BTC
S$114.00 1.00000000BTC
S$100.00 29.40000000BTC
S$85.03 1.40000000BTC
S$85.02 2.00000000BTC
S$85.01 2.00000000BTC
S$70.00 2.00000000BTC
S$60.00 0.13000000BTC
S$58.00 1.00000000BTC
S$40.00 0.04000000BTC
S$30.00 0.02836910BTC
S$15.00 1.00000000BTC
S$10.00 0.00220000BTC
S$9.26 0.01000000BTC
S$6.00 1.00164600BTC
S$5.00 1.01418400BTC
S$3.80 10.00000000BTC
S$3.00 0.00188000BTC
S$2.00 0.00270000BTC
S$1.55 0.00658000BTC
S$1.00 6100.00000000BTC
S$0.89 2.00000000BTC
S$0.88 1.00000000BTC
S$0.81 1.00000000BTC
S$0.01 1.00000000BTC
S$5798.99 0.00100000BTC
S$5799.00 0.37000000BTC
S$5849.99 0.30000000BTC
S$5850.00 0.30000000BTC
S$5898.99 0.14000000BTC
S$5950.00 0.03777900BTC
S$5988.88 0.02719841BTC
S$6159.00 0.06000000BTC
S$6187.00 1.00000000BTC
S$6199.99 0.38532056BTC
S$6200.00 0.19068856BTC
S$6249.00 0.20000000BTC
S$6255.00 0.50000000BTC
S$6259.00 0.08000000BTC
S$6279.90 0.20000000BTC
S$6387.00 1.00000000BTC
S$6400.00 1.12740000BTC
S$6449.00 0.15000000BTC
S$6500.00 0.50000000BTC
S$6587.00 1.00000000BTC
S$6700.00 0.01994001BTC
S$6787.00 1.00000000BTC
S$6987.00 1.00000000BTC
S$7150.00 0.29430000BTC
S$7187.00 1.00000000BTC
S$7387.00 1.00000000BTC
S$7587.00 1.00000000BTC
S$7787.00 1.00000000BTC
S$7987.00 1.00000000BTC
S$8187.00 0.39541072BTC
S$8400.00 0.90000000BTC
S$9999.00 0.20000000BTC
S$20000.00 3.04400000BTC
S$900000.00 1.00000000BTC

Please note that orders in the OrderBook are not guaranteed to be valid as the account placing the order may have insufficient funds.

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