FYB-SG Bid S$3160.00/ Ask S$3370.00
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S$3160.00 2.63372404BTC
S$3150.00 0.24176553BTC
S$3125.00 0.25000000BTC
S$3100.00 1.03500000BTC
S$3060.00 0.50000000BTC
S$3050.00 0.66580000BTC
S$3002.00 1.08500000BTC
S$3000.00 0.47400000BTC
S$2975.00 0.50000000BTC
S$2950.00 0.50000000BTC
S$2902.00 1.05000000BTC
S$2802.00 1.05000000BTC
S$2800.00 1.58571741BTC
S$2760.00 0.31199275BTC
S$2750.00 0.23000000BTC
S$2702.00 1.06500000BTC
S$2700.00 0.59000000BTC
S$2670.00 0.07294007BTC
S$2650.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2630.00 0.01000000BTC
S$2602.00 1.06500000BTC
S$2600.00 3.15101380BTC
S$2580.00 0.01107000BTC
S$2552.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2550.00 0.39500000BTC
S$2530.00 0.01000000BTC
S$2502.00 0.50000000BTC
S$2457.90 1.24925902BTC
S$2430.00 0.01211000BTC
S$2410.00 0.04000000BTC
S$2402.00 0.60000000BTC
S$2302.00 0.96797753BTC
S$2232.00 1.23000000BTC
S$2202.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2102.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2100.00 0.02336190BTC
S$2002.00 1.00000000BTC
S$2000.66 0.00353541BTC
S$2000.00 0.06600000BTC
S$1902.00 1.25000000BTC
S$1901.00 0.14700000BTC
S$1874.00 0.15000000BTC
S$1851.00 0.15200000BTC
S$1823.00 0.15400000BTC
S$1801.00 0.15500000BTC
S$1773.00 0.15700000BTC
S$1748.00 0.16000000BTC
S$1683.49 0.50301811BTC
S$1617.38 0.50301811BTC
S$1617.00 0.00618429BTC
S$1611.50 0.00620540BTC
S$1606.00 0.00622665BTC
S$1600.50 0.01249610BTC
S$1595.00 0.00626959BTC
S$1589.50 0.01258257BTC
S$1584.00 0.00631313BTC
S$1578.50 0.01267026BTC
S$1573.00 0.00635728BTC
S$1567.50 0.01275917BTC
S$1562.00 0.01280410BTC
S$1556.50 0.01284934BTC
S$1551.00 0.01289491BTC
S$1545.50 0.01294080BTC
S$1543.56 0.50301811BTC
S$1540.00 0.01298701BTC
S$1534.50 0.01303356BTC
S$1529.00 0.01308045BTC
S$1522.50 0.01313629BTC
S$1516.00 0.01319261BTC
S$1509.50 0.01324942BTC
S$1503.00 0.01330672BTC
S$1496.50 0.02004678BTC
S$1490.00 0.02013423BTC
S$1483.50 0.02022245BTC
S$1477.00 0.02031144BTC
S$1474.88 20.50000000BTC
S$1470.50 0.01360082BTC
S$1470.41 0.50301811BTC
S$1464.00 0.01366120BTC
S$1457.50 0.01372213BTC
S$1451.00 0.01378360BTC
S$1444.50 0.01384562BTC
S$1438.00 0.01390821BTC
S$1431.50 0.01397136BTC
S$1425.00 0.01403509BTC
S$1418.50 0.01409940BTC
S$1408.71 0.50301811BTC
S$1350.00 0.75000000BTC
S$1339.10 0.50301811BTC
S$1296.49 1.00000000BTC
S$1265.45 0.50301811BTC
S$1250.00 2.50000000BTC
S$1208.00 0.16580000BTC
S$1201.00 0.10000000BTC
S$1196.67 0.50301811BTC
S$1129.33 0.50301811BTC
S$1052.63 0.50301811BTC
S$985.53 0.50301811BTC
S$950.00 0.19500000BTC
S$910.03 0.50301811BTC
S$901.02 0.20000000BTC
S$848.22 0.50301811BTC
S$835.00 0.94399266BTC
S$820.00 3.50000000BTC
S$800.00 2.00000000BTC
S$790.00 1.00000000BTC
S$770.00 0.01105194BTC
S$703.53 1.00000000BTC
S$650.00 0.55400000BTC
S$595.00 0.20000000BTC
S$550.00 0.02575500BTC
S$540.00 0.00316000BTC
S$440.01 2.50000000BTC
S$309.99 1.00000000BTC
S$300.00 0.02352000BTC
S$248.00 0.28800000BTC
S$170.00 19.64500000BTC
S$160.00 0.25000000BTC
S$114.00 1.00000000BTC
S$100.00 19.38000000BTC
S$85.03 1.40000000BTC
S$85.02 2.00000000BTC
S$85.01 2.00000000BTC
S$70.00 2.00000000BTC
S$60.00 0.13000000BTC
S$58.00 1.00000000BTC
S$40.00 0.04000000BTC
S$30.00 0.02836910BTC
S$15.00 1.00000000BTC
S$10.00 0.00220000BTC
S$9.26 0.01000000BTC
S$6.90 0.00910000BTC
S$5.00 1.01418400BTC
S$3.80 10.00000000BTC
S$3.00 0.00188000BTC
S$2.00 0.00270000BTC
S$1.55 0.00658000BTC
S$0.01 1.00000000BTC
S$3370.00 1.00000000BTC
S$3375.00 2.00000000BTC
S$3380.00 1.53832840BTC
S$3388.00 2.40481996BTC
S$3399.00 1.00000000BTC
S$3400.00 2.31830000BTC
S$3500.00 0.96931425BTC
S$4086.97 0.54883777BTC
S$4917.51 1.00000000BTC
S$5000.00 4.18739022BTC
S$8400.00 0.90000000BTC
S$9999.00 0.20000000BTC
S$900000.00 0.70000000BTC

Please note that orders in the OrderBook are not guaranteed to be valid as the account placing the order may have insufficient funds.

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